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Selling My First Digital Product

This month, I launched my first ever digital product "Side Projects Making $$$+". I decided after compiling a years worth of all of Hacker News side project stories from 2022, that I had to go the whole hog and organise all six available years from 2017-2022.

It was such an effort and I felt represented real business value, packed with interesting stories of what it took a project to be successful - so I decided to make it available for sale. If you're interested in hearing how it went - including posting it to Product Hunt, read the full story on my blog and check it out on Gumroad below.

Since then, I've started highlighting some of most interesting stories I found with a view to compile them into a book. My thinking is that devs would prefer to have it packaged in this easy to read format. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

One thing looking over all these projects has taught me is there is so many different ways for developers to make a living online. One I've been interested in for some time is that of a productised service. In this weeks issue, you'll find an interview with founder Brett Williams who recently reached $1.5M ARR with his productised design service Design Joy. Brett's story is particularly special since he does all this as a company of one.

There's plenty of other great stories and code for you to spend time with in todays issue. I'm considering sending them out on a fortnightly basis again - let me know your thoughts by replying to this email.

Until next time, keep on shipping!


Side Projects Making $$$+

Side Projects Making $$$+

A complete collection of notion databases detailing every side project making real money posted to Hacker News "side project" threads from 2017-2022.


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A $120k MRR one-person business - Brett Williams, Designjoy

Brett Williams is the founder everyone is talking about after experiencing massive growth with his solo productised service Designjoy. Here he talks with Dan and James from on the No More Mondays Podcast.


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