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Making $384 in a Week with my Digital Product 💰

I mentioned "Side Projects Making $$$+" - my first digital product back in April of this year. I'd spent a significant amount of time compiling all the Hacker News side project threads from 2022-2017 as a notion database and felt it was probably worth something to someone. I priced it very low and made a total of $15 on the first day it was available. Since then I bumped the price to $10 and I've made a handful of sales.

A little over a week ago I decided that it might be worthwhile holding a discount sale for it over Black Friday. Every other indie hacker seemed to do so I thought I might as well. Since sales had been small through til that point and it was an asset I have ownership of which can be reproduced at no cost, discounting it for a week to market it again seemed worthy of my time.

So I added a discount code to my store and submitted to a number of deal threads and sites, before carrying on with my day. I really didn't expect much. Later that evening whilst watching tv, my phone buzzed with an email from Gumroad - someone had purchased it! 20 mins later, another buzz - "Hmm - I wonder if Gumroad is sending out duplicate notifications?" I mumbled to my wife. Nope, another purchase - woohoo. I was beyond excited at this point. Is this what it was like for the big names at the start?

This happened a total of 46 times over the week of the discount for a total of $384 in sales. Ok, so it's not quit-your-job money - but enough to take a day off a year maybe?

It's got me excited for what else I may be able to create and makes me realise that I, an introverted dev may well not be very good at marketing my work but I do create things of value.

There’s plenty of other great stories and code from developers in this months issue. I've also included affiliate links to discount kindle books you might like.

Until next time, keep on shipping!



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Side Projects Making $$$+

Side Projects Making $$$+

Looking for inspiration for your next side project?

I organised over 180 listed on HN side project threads complete with MRR, founder and original project links - yours for just $10.

Get inspired by other founders to build your next big thing!


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