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Selling Products from the Beach 🏖️

Something really nice at the moment is seeing sales of  “Side Projects Making $$$+” without my marketing it all the time. I tweeted about it once this month, whilst at the beach on holiday last week. Somehow that has generated the same amount of revenue in a week than in the last 4 months since it was released! It's that old adage of doing the work once I guess.  All this serves as lovely explanation as to why this months issue is a week late.

Before heading away, I released my video review of the Framework Laptop over on YouTube. It's my best performing video in a while and was a simple one for me to produce having got a little quicker at editing. It's a stark contrast to the performance of my last tutorial and I'm happy to release only a video a month if it always performs well.

If producing videos wasn't difficult enough already, here in the UK right now it's absolutely boiling weather. I hate it when it's like this, there's no escape. It's the one time of the year when it's useful having a cold house.

I’ve included a regular assortment of code as well as affiliate links to discount kindle books you might like amongst this issue. Let me know if you enjoyed this months issue by responding to this email.

Until next time, keep on shipping!



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Side Projects Making $$$+

Side Projects Making $$$+

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Bargain Kindle Books

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