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Keeping things Simple

Last month I talked about my experience hitting a trending topic on YouTube and making lower effort videos. I've since made a lot of these sort of videos over the last month, culminating in me publishing 4 (just!). Whilst I say lower effort - it's still a significant time investment in editing and only possible whilst I'm not taking on client work full time. You can see them all by visiting my channel or look at the most recent linked to below where I tried coding on Ubuntu with the Framework Laptop.

I've purchased and returned so many computers in the last few months it's getting pretty silly. Myself and the UPS returns guy are pretty friendly now. This was not the sort of shipping I had in mind before starting the channel - but has inadvertently given me some ideas for new side projects!

As always, I've put together a range of developer stories and code amongst this issues links. Let me know if you're enjoying them by responding to this email.

Until next time, keep on shipping!



Framework Boosts to 12th Gen Intel, Delivering on Upgrade Promises

Since purchasing my Framework they've released a 12th Gen Intel version. It's great to see them *actually* delivering on their upgrade promises but slightly annoying it happened so soon after buying!

Why you need a single focus (and ditch your portfolio of projects)

Indie Bites is fast becoming my favourite small business podcast. In this episode Chris Frantz from Loops cuts through your excuses and explain why you need to focus on a single thing to turn it into an actual business.

Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it.

Have you ever wanted to pay someone to get drunk and use your website? Of course you have - and now you can!


blue · PyPI

Blue is a somewhat less uncompromising code formatter for your Python code than black. Do you prefer your code black or blue?

Markdoc is a powerful, flexible, Markdown-based authoring framework.

Stripe has released Markdoc - a content authoring system that grows with you. Works with anything from personal blogs to massive documentation sites.

Running user code on Fly Machines

Fly have created 'Machines' a REST API for starting VM's in about 300ms. It's possible to use this as a function as a service (FaaS). In this tutorial they show you how to create a simple fastify server that exits after a few minutes of inactivity.

DigitalOcean Functions | Run functions on demand. Scale automatically.

Digital Ocean has recently released their version of serverless, through a functions offering. It offers many of the features you would expect from other providers, but sadly is capped at an execution time of 5 seconds.

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