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You Probably Don't Need Kubernetes

Over this past fortnight I attended Kubecon + CloudNativeCon Europe. I've used Kubernetes on a few large projects, but don't turn to it day to day for my own projects due to the complexity it adds. The conference was something else, I found myself taken aback by the sheer number of products and sponsors within the ecosystem, surprised that they all exist.

After attending a few intermediate and beginner talks I left even more fervent in my belief that small businesses should choose the simplest infrastructure solution they can. It's unlikely I'll have problems on my own solo projects that require k8s anytime soon for example. My previous video "Should you outsource your DevOps?" covers some of my thoughts in more depth.

In other news, lockdown is still easing in Wales - meaning we can all rush to the pub or cinema to enjoy indoor service from tomorrow - though it's unlikely I'll be going near many of them soon. It's now so alien to think of visiting indoor places. It will be nice to be able to enjoy a holiday away from home though.

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I increased my prices 800% and made $100k in revenue

Kyle Gawley talks about how although he was nervous it about it, increasing his prices 8 fold actually led to sales increasing. Surely this is the dream?!

The CSS Framework Tailwind has taken some flak recently. In this video from 2018, Adam Wathan (creator of Tailwind) talks about how he's been able to achieve several very successful ebook launches over his career.

[embed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajrDxZRpP9M&t=1466s]


Flask 2.0, Werkzeug 2.0, Jinja 3.0

I've been a big user of the python micro framework flask at both work and on side projects. The next major versions of Flask and Jinja are massive steps up, allowing the use of async throughout. I can think of a few old projects that would have loved to have this would have been really useful on.

Django SQL Dashboard

Simon Willison has released the Django SQL dashboard this week which allows the query and visualisation of data held in django very quickly. Some of the visualisations are also available within Simons datasette library which works standalone from a framework.

sql.js: Run SQLite on the web.

This neat library allows you to create and query a database entirely in the browser. Seems like everything that once belonged to backend devs will at some point available to frontend devs soon.

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