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The Ultimate Side Project Story

Like everyone else in January, I've been hooked on Wordle, the daily word guessing puzzle game that rose to fame over Christmas. It was built by Josh Wardle (artist/product manager/engineer) for his partner who loves word games as a simple side project. In just over two months, it's gone from 90 to 300,000 people playing before being sold for a low seven figure sum earlier this month to the New York Times.

You may have noticed it if you happen to frequent twitter due to the grids of squares that show up daily. It's become a competition between myself, my wife and kids to who can solve it in as few guesses as possible.

It's also been a daily news story, with other developers trying to quickly cash in on its name within the app store or spoil other players fun on twitter. There's also a regular stream of related word games cropping up every day on Product Hunt. It's not often a small project from a single dev can stir up such a buzz and the sale will rightly earn it a place in the stuff of legend within the community.

Being able to produce a project and kick back and live off it forever is something us developers dream about - I've even blogged about this almost 9 years ago. The truth is stories like this are few, none of us are likely to knock it out of the park like Josh.

Back in the real world, theres a multitude of devs the world over like yourself working hard month after month, getting smaller pieces of pie. Hopefully some of the stories in todays issue serve to inspire how you could start earning a living building your software products.

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