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On Working as a Pipeline Developer

This week I felt quite nostalgic after seeing a job advert for a role I used to do at my old employer Aardman. It's been 12 years since I started work for them as a pipeline developer, but I have so many happy memories firmly wedged in my mind from my time there. This was my first job working in a development team and at seeing how stop motion productions work on a large scale. It also led to more development roles for a variety of studios working in animation and vfx. More importantly, it's given me a lovely collection of friends who work across a multitude of creative industries.

After my first piece of paid work writing content for another company I mentioned in the last issue, I've been offered a number of other pieces of work by other sites. It's a nice feeling that somebody reads something I've written and feels it's good enough that they'd like that for their own company. I'm looking at each of these offers, trying to balance them and my development work right now. A lot of offers pitch "exposure" as the main form of payment, which isn't that useful to me - I have kids to feed after all. I'm still trying to figure out where it all these posts might lead and if writing like this is worth pursuing.

This week I revealed the name of my Django/Stripe "product starter kit" as outlet.io and set up a landing page in order to capture details from people who were interested. I've spent time tweaking various webhooks in order to manage email events.

I'm considering changing the frequency of these updates, so they are once monthly. Let me know if you think you'd prefer that, or the currently updates are about the right amount.

Until next time, keep on shipping!



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