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How I Doubled My Product Revenue in 2023 🤑

I doubled my digital product revenue in 2023! Ok, it’s not a big number by any means, just shy of $1200. But it’s still money I now have from something I made a couple of years ago now and the year still isn’t quite over.

I said last year that I made enough money in 2022 for a day off a year - now that’s maybe two? At 2x rate each year I’ll be making a healthy $153k/yr in 7 years…hey a man can dream!

I’ve mentioned “Side Projects Making $$$+" a few times here. It’s a notion database of all the side projects that have been posted on Hacker News for the past 9 years. This is where solopreneurs list the details of their projects and how much they are making.

I found it really inspiring and I think the stories there are a great source of information, so I collected all the data I could from the threads in notion and decided to sell it.

But how have I doubled my revenue?

The Simple Answer: I Charged More

When I first created it, I was selling it for just £3 just to test the waters. I quickly bumped to $15 a few months later as I added data from more years. Right now, it’s sat at a suggested price of $20 and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of people who opt to pay more for it.

I’m still reeling after all my notifications over Black Friday, but I also get a steady sprinkling of sales throughout the year. it always brings a bit of joy when I do. I need to figure out the best places to market this since currently the majority of sales are driven from one place.

In other news, I launched a component library - sort of. I modded an existing component library to have more themes. It’s called daisystatic and you can find a link to it below.

Hope you enjoy to the links I enjoyed this month, if you have any comments feel free to get in touch.

Until next time, keep on shipping!


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daisystatic - A growing set of elements using daisyUI, Tailwind, and Alpine.js
daisystatic - A collection of beautiful and free to use daisyUI components based on windstatic

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