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Setting Goals for 2024

Back in January of last year I set 3 goals for 2023: to plan better, curb my expectations and create more digital products. So how did I do?

I curbed my expectations pretty well, I know I shouldn't be beholden to algorithms and try not to expect the earth. But it still happens and it's difficult to not feel frustrated if my work doesn't resonate.

I added a digital product (singular) to my suite of products last month. ScreenVox is a tool for creating voiceovers from video and is made using Tauri (a lightweight alternative to Electron). My other digital product has doubled it's revenue in 2023, but it's nowhere near enough to write home about.

Where things didn't go as well in 2023 was planning. Partly my video work is governed by my environment. I don't have a dedicated space for my when recording videos and I'm affected by things like awful weather or if a neighbour decides to do building work. Not the best if I want to record on a whim which makes my output seem a little erratic.

For 2024, I mostly think I need to focus on more of the same. Perhaps I'll add something to the list - to care less. It might not seem it, but I do  care what people think about the work that I publish and often hesitate to put out things that are sub-par. If I cared a little less and published anyway I think I'd be in a better place than keeping it to myself. If you're interested in seeing my full year by the numbers, check out my blog post.

As always, if you have any comments on this months links or content suggestions for the future, please feel free to reply to this email and let me know.

Until next time, keep on shipping!


PS: I've switched back to ghost for publishing my newsletter. More people signed up to via my ghost site than beehiiv and I figure it's better to point to my own domain using open source.


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