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You are not Them

Social media makes it really difficult to avoid comparing yourself to others. With views, subscribers and likes clearly on show it's shoved in your face on every post, video and interaction. When hearing of another dev either on YouTube, X or network of the month experiencing a bit of algorithm juice, it makes it it hard not to exclaim 'why them instead of me?'. Sadly, most of the time the answer is one I don't want to admit - their work is simply better.

What I hold dear here is that those other devs are not me. They are in a different place, further along or in different circumstances. Maybe certain areas of their life are lacking. In some cases this probably isn't entirely true but it helps keep me moving.

This last month I've taken a step away from making videos to spend time reflecting on my goals for my YT channel. Oddly, it's kept on going pretty much how it has been, despite me not uploading anything in that time.

Instead, I've been exploring the world of web scraping with AI. There's a number of different approaches all of which have tradeoffs. I've integrated some of the ideas from those into a product I had put to one side previously thinking it impossible.

Let me know if you enjoy this issues links, if you have any comments feel free to get in touch.

Until next time, keep on shipping!



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